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  • my name is Pavla

    AKA Natural Bohemia

    Have you ever showered, shaved or washed your hands with Italian olive oil suds lightly scented with lavender or herbs from wild Umbrian hills and meadows? If not, your skin will definitely appreciate being pampered this way!

    Cleansing then becomes less routine but more a ritual, and it becomes a ceremony to which nature itself invites you. These are our olive soaps.

    My name is Pavla Mactavish and I do business as Natural Bohemia.

    I offer handmade soap with natural ingredients from the Czech Republic and Umbria in Italy - my second home. It was in Italy that I learned to make soap with pure olive oil according to traditional methods so that I could eventually bring quality and custom natural products to my homeland.

    Today you will find me most of the time in my little dream kingdom - a small soap factory in Petrovice near Kutná Hora. Through carefully selected local shops, farmers' markets and my online store, I personally and proudly offer you unique products with big health and beauty benefits packed in little treasures.

    All the different soaps I offer are my handicraft made with love, pleasure and the desire to bring harmony and joy to your daily life.

    Pavla Mactavish

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    1. let's contact you

    If you are interested in cooperation, please contact me by phone or email. I will be happy to give you details, send you a price list and a brochure. No matter whatl, I'll get back to you as soon as possible. As a rule, it doesn't take more than one working day (there are exceptions, of course, but I try to respond as soon as possible).

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    2. Agreement

    I usually try to agree with you on a regular order for the agreed quantity, so that it is easier for me to plan production in advance and guarantee that I will deliver on time. Of course, needs differ, so everything is mainly a matter of agreement. I try to meet your request or special requirements, but supplies are not endless. Try it. 😉

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    I use various ways to deliver your order. If you are within reach of Prague or the surroundings of Kutná Hora, I occasionally commit in person, or through my loved ones. In most cases, however, I use the services of the postal service or commercial carriers.

    aims and values

    I use various vegetable oils, butters and fats in my soaps. There are no pre-prepared soaps or foundations. All ingredients are naturally derived and chosen to caress body and soul. The scent, the color, the name--everything has its place ... as a result of much thinking, frustration, joy, some anxious nights awaiting results of a batch. Then the final shout, "I’ve got it!" Then come the moments when I get lost in time and space and anticipate joy for every satisfied customer.

    Everything I make is by hand and from scratch in small batches, using the traditional cold process method. Every step I control to ensure that the final product is as perfect as possible.



    I use quality olive oil in my olive soaps. These soaps are gentle and do not dry your skin. As is well known, olive oil in its many uses has health benefits. Natural olive oil soaps are suitable for both normal and sensitive skin. You can choose pure natural soap--100% olive oil, so-called baby soap--as well as variations with herbal aromas and other ingredients. Olive oil soap is such a proven classic that it has not lost any of its charm. 🙂



    Ooooo salt soaps, how amazing they are! 50% or more sea or Himalayan salt in each piece. These soaps beautifully cleanse the skin and add minerals; and when you close your eyes, you can experience calm heights and depths with an azure blue sky above. Salt soaps give a fresh feeling, in addition to purity and relief. They calm and caress. And beware--thanks to the salt, your soap will last a long time! That is worth considering.



    Why do I like to use clay in my soaps? They produce beautiful natural colors and a velvety softness to the touch. Because of the natural origin, clays supply the skin with minerals and trace elements. Clays effect slight exfoliation and thus allow gentle hydration. If you don't try it, you won't know :-)