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    Natural olive oil soap, handmade, cold process.

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    It used to be Venano, which in time and with Latin changed to Benano, today's small village in Umbria, Italy. I accidentally tripped over it years ago, fell in love with her and stayed. Here I discovered the real fragrance of Italy - to live like in a picture with vineyards and olive groves. Wild herbs all around and especially those emeralds of the Mediterranean, or you can also say liquid gold. Here I learned to make soaps from olive oil. And from this area also comes the olive oil that I use in my special soaps. My big thanks and a piece of my life under the Italian sun is reflected in this amazing soap named after my second home.

    Olive oil is very beneficial for any skin. Castor oil softens and nourishes.

    Přijde zabaleno v papírovém pytlíku.

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    Weight 115 g

    Olea europaea olive oil, coconut nucifera oil, water, sodium hydroxide, sodium lactate, lavender angustifolia oil, Illite, cymbopogon citratus extract, thymus vulgaris leaf oil, Mint piperita oil, linalool, lemon.


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