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  • EGO 115g balené


    Cold process soap for men, 100% handmade.

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    Although many believe the ego is only a source of trouble, Thanissaro Bhikkhu teaches that a healthy and functioning ego is an essential tool on the path to awakening.

    This soap contains a large amount of shea and cocoa butter. It is gentle, foams beautifully--you will moisturize and nurture your skin. A delicate, spicy scent for the gentleman that women love. A whole body soap.

    My ego is not me.
    One's soul is there to see.

    But wash I sometimes must,
    to clean off crud and rust.

    Best use on self good soap!
    So my soul will shine - I hope.

    The soap can be used on both the face and the whole body. Rice and castor oil soften the skin and promote beautiful foam when washing.

    Additional information

    Weight 115 g

    Pomace olive oil, water, shea butter, lard, coconut oil, NaOH, rice oil, cocoa butter, castor oil, lemon oil, sodium lactate, rosemary oil, mica blueberry, peppermint oil, clove oil, patchouli oil, ylang ylang oil, snow mica queen.


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